Residential Units

The Hygizone difference comes in the form of our innovative source-based odour extraction technology, resulting in performance that isn't simply better, it is superior too. Unlike traditional extraction units that draw odour from the toilet bowl and up to the ceiling, the Hygizone prevents airborne odour particles from leaving the toilet bowl and contaminating your clean bathroom air, by extracting toilet odour directly from the source.

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It's 99% more hygienic

The Hygizone system has proven to be the most effective extraction solution in preventing harmful germs and bacteria from contaminating the air you breathe at home.

It's fresher

Your home is your sanctuary. Environmentally harmful air fresheners only mask odour problems, often ineffectively. Eliminate odours at the source with the Hygizone.

it's smarter

Superior, patented extraction technology expels odour directly from the toilet bowl to the outside air and the intelligent infrared auto-on sensor ensures your system runs efficiently.

it's discreet

Embrace the freedom of open-plan bathroom designs with confidence and install a Hygizone to keep your bathroom looking as good as it is odourless.


The result? a fresher, cleaner, greener & more hygienic space. The Hygizone system works by extracting air directly from toilet bowls and urinals, converting the toilet bowl or urinal into a Local Exhaust Ventilation (LEV) hood. The LEV captures and removes the odour-causing bacteria before it can escape and contaminate the toilet environment.

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