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When you specify the Hygizone, you eliminate the age old problem of toilet odours and airborne bacteria. Unlike traditional extraction systems that draw odour out of the toilet bowl and into the air we breathe, the Hygizone does the opposite and draws odour particles inwards, preventing it from leaving the toilet bowl altogether.

benefits of the hygizone system

Hygizone | Its more Hygenic

It's More Hygienic

The Hygizone system has proven to be the most effective extraction solution in preventing harmful germs and bacteria from contaminating the air you breathe.

Hygizone | Zero Maintenance

Zero Maintenance

The Hygizone system requires no maintenance. 

Hygizone | 100% Customer Satisfaction

100% user-satisfaction

Toilets fitted with the Hygizone keep tenants and customers happy.

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Energy Saving Solutions.

According to an environmental assessment by WSP (UK), Hygizone has proven to save energy when compared to traditional extraction systems that consume large amounts of costly air-conditioned air in an attempt to dilute harmful toilet odour. Less air wasted equals reduced capital and running costs.


Reduction of Total Air Wastage


Reduction on Running Costs


Savings on Capital Costs

So, what is the difference?

The Hygizone difference comes in the form of our patented source-based odour extraction technology, resulting in performance that isn't simply better, it is superior too. By extracting toilet odour directly from the source, the Hygizone effectively reduces the contamination of clean air and creates an odourless toilet environment.

instructional videos

We offer solutions suited to most commercial and residential needs. Watch the videos below to find out more about each of the unique systems.

Concealed Cistern



Guaranteed Performance, 

Proven Results.


We offer 4 solutions, suited to most commercial and residential needs.

1  Concealed Cistern system

2  Flushmaster system

3  Our Patented Waterless urinal system

4  Standard Urinal systems

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What our clients say

The Hygizone system has proven to be very efficient and effective at removing odours from the bathrooms. I would highly recommend these systems to anyone in the industry.
— AP Hoogenboezem (Pr.Eng) QMech Consulting Engineers